ABOUT US is a new esports and video game content channel, producing and curating esports and video game content to inform, amuse and bring together the communities of both worlds. is dedicated to promoting esport and video game communities, highlighting extraordinary talent in all facets of the gaming industry, and above all championing grassroot esports.

Since has landed the London start up has established partnerships with London University Esports, promoted upcoming individuals in the esports space, entered into agreements with prominent esport providers and will soon launch both a podcast and video series to help continue to drive the conversation and awareness of esports and video games to a wider audience.

THE TEAM has been created by esports and video game enthusiasts for esports and video game enthusiasts. The team is made up of industry veterans spanning both the esports and video games industry, and of young talent that thrive in many of the communities within the gaming space. As moves towards its ambition to be a positive force within the content channel space we provide opportunities for our HudL to grow.


The HudL UP programme is a passionate project of ours to seek out extraordinary talent within the esports and video game space and to work with them to promote their content to our community and a wider audience, at no financial cost to the content creator. For HudL this is all about fostering talent and building engaged communities.


On the social media channels we create and curate content to amuse and inform on all things esports and video games. has emerging platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, & Tik-Tok, covering a variety of social communities and content mediums. is dedicated to using its social media platforms as a way to promote individuals, groups, organisations & brands to a wider audience as a positive force in the esports and video games space.